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Workshops & Training

Haylee Parfett has been presenting workshops in the field of Augmentative and Alternative Communication for over 8 years. She regularly presents workshops to schools,  organisations and private settings throughout Australia.


Popular workshops are listed below, but Haylee is also able to develop customised workshop to support specific areas of learning for Speech Pathologists, Teachers, Educational Assistants, School Leadership teams and parents in the area of AAC and Communication Access in Schools. Please get in contact to find out more.


Haylee Parfett is a Certified PODD Presenter and is able to deliver the following PODD Workshops throughout Australia:

  • One Day Overview of PODD Communication Books

  • Two Day Introductory PODD Workshop

  • One Day Alternative Solutions PODD Workshop

  • One Day PODD Speech Generating Devices Workshop



  •  “There’s more to life than Cookies”

    • Introduction to strategies and resources for developing functional communication for children and young  people with ASD.

    • Full or half day workshops available

  • PODD Introductory Workshop with a Focus on Autism.

    • Full day workshop


  • Building a Communication Accessible School

    • Full day workshop

  • Introduction to Alternative and Augmentative Communication

    • Developed and presented in collaboration with the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre

    • Full day workshop

  • Implementing School-wide approaches to AAC.

    • Full day workshop


Haylee is also authorised the deliver training on the ROCC Assessment Tool. Please contact Janelle Sampson at or for more information. 

Haylee regularly travels interstate to deliver workshops and training sessions. It can often be possible to arrange for workshops for multiple organisations to be delivered in the one trip. 

Please contact us for availability, costings and further information.

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