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Haylee Parfett Speech Pathology uses a family and client centered approach, with the aim of supporting the individual holistically. We provide a comprehensive and individualised service which considers all of the various learning environments and supports around the individual. We take great pride in delivering quality therapy which is based on current research and clinical best practices.


We are continually seeking new and updated information through regular attendance at professional training.  We actively seek out new approaches across Paediatric Speech Pathology and attend conferences and workshops to improve knowledge and skills in both assessment and intervention.


Great effort and care is put into ensuring that you and your child/student are receiving the very best and most up to date information, strategies and resources.

We are trained in and competently use a wide range of evidence based approaches in our interventions including;

  • Pragmatics Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) communication books

  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) strategies

  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)


  • Key word signing

  • Hanen ‘More than Words’ Program


Haylee Parfett Speech Pathology is able to offer individual therapy in home, clinic, kinder, mainstream and special school environments.

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