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We offer comprehensive language, speech and communication assessment for individuals aged 2 to 18 years in the Melbourne area. Full assessment of language, social skills, pre-literacy and literacy skills for individuals who have suspected delays or impairments in these areas is also available.


Assessment may be through the use of informal screening tools, observational records and/or formal standardised assessments.



We ensure that the assessment process is approached in a non-intrusive manner and completed in a setting which is as natural as possible. We feel it is important to spend time interacting with the individual and getting to know them and their family prior to formally assessing any of their skills.


Rather than solely relying on formal standardised assessments which may not be appropriate, we prefer to gather information through a combination of approaches, including observation, discussions and genuine interactions with an individual.

All medical, health and/or educational professionals involved with the individual will be consulted during the assessment period in order to develop a full picture of the individual’s areas of strength and weakness in language, speech, communication, social and literacy skills.


Following the assessment period a detailed report will be provided to all those involved in the individuals care and education. This report outlines our observations, recommendations and strategies for improving the communication and/or literacy skills for the individual. 

Please contact us for further information. 

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